MPQ4210 in parallel to current share

Is is possible to connect two MPQ4210 controlled DC-DC converters in parallel to provide greater power delivery? If so, can you let me have the necessary design details.

I have two EVQ4210-U-00b and EVKT-USB12C-02 boards to configure a current sharing system if parallel operation is possible.

Also, when will virtual bench support the MPQ4210?
Do any of your design tools support the MPQ4210


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Hi i.pearson,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I will start looking into your questions on using the MPQ4210 in parallel and when Virtual Bench 4.0 will support this device. Will provide updates once available.

Virtual Bench 3.0 does support the MPQ4210. It should be the last device on the list after selecting “New Project” in the GUI.

Hi Bryan,

I downloaded the Virtual Bench 3.0 tool and and installed it as per instructions and on first run, I let it perform an update. This increased the number of devices listed in the config.xml file and database directory.

In the updated config.xml file and the database, there is an entry in the new config.xml file for the MPQ4210 and there is a MPQ4210 directory in the database. Despite there being many devices in the config.xml file and the database directory, the VB 3.0 tool only displays a subset of these devices when trying to add a device. Importantly for me. the MPQ4210 does not appear in the list.

On using the PMBus Tool, if I set the I2C address to be 66, I can read the contents of the MPQ4210 on the EVQ4210-U-00b board.

The Virtual Bench 4.0 tool does not work.

The MPQ4210 GUI tool does not work.

The config.xml file has line entries like the following:
FileDataInfo Path=“Database/MPQ4210/DefaultDatasheet.Spec” MD5=“C5EEC756BDE97C278968FF0B76239B97” Size=“10639”

The file size of the MPQ4210 DefaultDatasheet.Spec does not match the size stated in the config.xml but changing it to be 10,415 bytes does not get the MPQ4210 to appear so in addition to that, I assume the MD5 number has to match as well. In fact, experimentally changing the file size of devices that do appear in the add device list does not affect the display in the list, so it appears the file size is not checked by the tool. Maybe it is just the MD5 value that is checked.

Clearly because the file size for the MPQ4210 entry is incorrect, it is highly likely someone hasn’t updated the config.xml file to reflect the latest MPQ4210 DefaultDatasheet.Spec file.

Given these clues, do you think you could provide me an updated set of files which does allow the MPQ4210 device to be selected.

In the meantime, I will try to evaluate the board using the PMBus Tool.

I’m still waiting for answers to the two outstanding items.

  1. I still do not have a working GUI for the MPQ4210 as used on the EVQ4210-U-00b board.
  2. I still have not been provided design details showing how to run two MPQ4210 based converters in parallel.

I need solutions to both of these items urgently.

Hi Ian,

Apologies for the wait. The Virtual Bench Pro 3 GUI should be updated now to have MPQ4210. To manually update the GUI, you may go under the “Help” tab on the top and “Check for Updates” on the drop-down menu.

We advised against running this part in parallel operation because of the current sharing issue. The current sharing needs one device needs to be a master and the other a follower to prevent steady state stability issues. In a transient response situation, it is possible that one device goes into OCP before the other and that would drop the output temporarily. This device is missing a synch input pin that would be typically be used to be out of phase with the other converter’s clock.