Mpq3426 en / uvlo

Hi, looking at MPQ3426 datasheet it indicates "Once EN reaches 1.5v(turn on threshold), the current sink turns off to create the reverse hysteresis for Vin falling.

I am not concerned with UVLO functionality, simply want to operate EN pin as it should be, enable or disable boost. Thus, I connected EN to a 2.5v source which enables the MPQ3426. For reference, I am boosting 12v to 19.1v. Am I correct operating the chip in this fashion?

The hybrid functionality of the EN pin to me is ambiguous.

The 2.5v source is a 5v GPIO from mcu, which forms 10k divider. rbottom is 10k, “rtop” is 10k, and “VIN” is 5v.

Hello Chris,

You are completely fine when you are enabling the MPQ3426 with a 2.5V source externally. You may operate the EN pin as any other EN pin you may find on parts since its main function is to enable or disable the part.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I wanted to make sure I understood the functionality correctly!