MPQ3367 EVB Temperature

I have some questions from Optimized Backlight Display Design with the MPQ3367 Efficiency Dpwm=100% E-boost=94.16%, △T/°C=45~50.

  1. Does the test verify data is from EVQ3367-R-01A ?
    2.The EVB PCB is two-layer or four-layer?
    3.What is θja and θjc in this EVB?
    4.△T/°C=45~50 is mean if Ta=25°C, the IC top case temperature is 25+45~50=70~75°C ? or 70~75°C is junction temperature?
  2. How to calculate IC junction and IC top case temperature in different Pout, could you please explain in this case Dpwm=100% E-boost=94.16%, △T/°C=45~50. ?


Hi @mab316kimo,

  1. Yes, all the tests are performed on EVB.
  2. It is a two-layer EVB.
  3. θja = 42 C/W (QFN); 32 C/W (TSSOP28-EP); θjc = 9 C/W (QFN); 6 C/W (TSSOP28-EP)

Please refer to the this thermal calculation guidelines. Understanding Datasheet Thermal Parameters and IC Junction Temperatures | Article | MPS

Hope this helps.

Thank you.