Mpq2451dt-lf-p vs mpq2451dt-lf-z

What is difference between MPQ2451DT-LF-P and MPQ2451DT-LF-Z ?
What means “P”.
Where to find the difference?
P =?
Z = T&R


Hi Krzysztof, welcome to the forum!

I see the -P version online on Mouser, etc, but I’m not familiar with the suffix. To the best of my knowledge, using the -Z suffix will get you tape and reel (bulk), and removing the -Z suffix will be for smaller quantities.

Yes, -P is a partial reel and only for specific distributors to order. To order in these quantities order direct from our online distributors Digikey, Mouser or Premier Farnell.

From MPS Package Specifications:
(Order code for 500 piece partial reel is P”, tape & reel dimensions same as full reel.)

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