MPM82504 Pin-controlled and PMBus-controlled configuration


I would like to use the MPM82504, and also the MPM54504, MPM54304 and MPM3695-10, in two differents ways:

  1. pin-controlled only operation: CTRL set to ON, voltage set by an external resistive divisor. DC/DC module starts when VIN is available. PMBus is only used to read the temperature of the module and the current, for monitoring purpose.

  2. PMBus-controlled only operation: CTRL set to OFF; voltage set by PMBus command VOUT_COMMAND (21h), output enabled by command OPERATION (01h).

Is that possible? Btw, I quiet don’t understand what role plays the default MTP configuration, and in that respect if the suffix code is relevant.

Thank you and kind regards

Hi ralph.hoffmann,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! After reviewing both operation conditions, I don’t see an issue with using these modules in either way as you described. For more information on the registers for these devices, please see their respective Register Map sections in the datasheets.
The MTP configuration is a special feature where the customer can customize the default settings of the module themselves through PMBus. This is the alternative to OTP where custom settings would have to be set by the MPS factory before shipping because OTP does not allow customers to change the defaults themselves.
For example, on Pg. 3 of the MPM82504 datasheet, you will see the three versions of the module available to customers. On Pg. 47, you will see the default settings for the -0000 and -0001 versions. What differentiates MTP from OTP here is that the customer can still use PMBus to change the default settings of these versions. They simply come preloaded with the settings listed on Pg. 47. The -XXXX version represents a unique suffix code for a custom version that our factory creates for customers after they give the desired defaults. This way the customer bypasses having to program the parts themselves, but the option is still available because it’s an MTP device.

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