MPM82504 on board programming consideration

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I am not sure will it be damage MPM82504 when the circuitry configuration mismatched with factory code configurations.

Below is the case.
Ordered Part# with -0000 suffix (4 rails, 25A, different output voltages) solder on a PCB with the circuitry design in 2 rails application (0.85V @75A, 1V @25A, datasheet P.56 Fig. 11).
CTRL1~3 shorted with 10K pullup to VCC1~3 and CTRL4 with 10K pullup to VCC4 for native power-up application. There are two GND short jumpers at CTRL1~3 & CTRL4 to force DC-DC disabled by manual for onboard MTP programming.

In case power up the board without jumpers insert and without custom MTP programming, will it be damage this DC-DC Module while internal register configuration different from physical circuitry?

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Hi Ping,

Thank you for contacting the MPS Forum. I’m looking at your question and will work on getting you an answer soon.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
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I would recommend programming to the MTP and then changing the physical circuitry of the MPM82504 evaluation board. You may cause damage to the device otherwise as you suspected. My suggestion would be to take a clean, default board with out physical changes and then modify it through MTP and software.

I see the company you work for, please contact MPS Now directly for direct and quicker responses so we can help you with your end customer on an expedited fashion.


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your reply.
We end up changed the design to MPM3960GBF-50B instead. (Without MPT programming flow or create custom part#)

I will found a way to access MPS Now.
Anyway, not sure why there is a long delay on email notification!

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