MPM54504 Parallel Outputs

I have a design with LTM4644 which is similar to MPM54504 . I want to change my power module to MPM54504. MPM has a few differences but i thought it could be appropriate.
LTM has compensation pins for paralleling but MPM doesnt. I cant find any information about that.
Can i parallel outputs of MPM ? Does anybody have information or experience about that ?

It might kinda/sorta work. You are effectively just connecting two buck converters to the same output so the buck converter with the slightly higher vout setting will attempt to fully power the load and eventually run into its current limit, vout will droop a little bit and the second converter will begin to work. So current share will be poor. Secondly it wouldn’t be too surprising for the switching action of one to disturb the other. You could try setting this up on a demo board and using two outputs to support one load and see what happens. If current share is an issue you might add output resistors before the bucks are combined to get a droop share.

The LTM part is a current mode part so by connecting the two comp pins together you end up with kind of controlling at the average point of the two converters and they both see the same control information. This creates effectively one error amplifier, serving the load as opposed to your idea which will have two. The LTM is clocked so you can also place avoid the output switching of one converter disturbing the decision of the other.

So to sum up, it might work at a Fluke meter level, you might get the correct Vout, but if you hook a scope to it will look ugly and have all sorts of detail problems, current sharing, audio noise, jitter.

Maybe MPS apps has some genius work around of alternate part. They do have modules that are parallel able.