MPM54304GMN-003 and -001

I want to use both of these devices, with no I2C. I want to use the FB pins for a resistor divider. The outputs range from 0.95V to 5.0V (outputs 3+4 in parallel). Please confirm the default FB reference voltage. 0.600V? (with no programming). For the paralleled output of 3 & 4, with the two FB pins connected together, is the combined reference voltage still 0.600V?

Additionally, what is the default configuration of the GPIO, pin 26? We need it to be the Power Good pin. Is this the default with no I2C?


Apologies for the delayed response.
For both -001 and -003, the FB voltage is default 0.6V. For paralleled outputs of 3 & 4, the configuration will follow buck 3 and the FB reference will still be 0.6V. Additionally, the default GPIO for both is PG.
Please refer to the suffix code configuration table in the datasheet.

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