Mpm54304 : agnd / sw1 / sw2

In the datasheet of MPM54304:

Page 1: In the drawing called Typical Application ( based on the bottom left of the document),
What does the AGND pin correspond to?

Page 41: (figure 18) Why are pins SW1 & SW2 not connected?
However, in the table on page 4, it is indicated to connect these two pins together !!!
Can you detail the role of these pins?
The datasheet is not clear !!

thanks for your answers
Best regards

Hi Philippe,

For MPM54304, AGND corresponds to analog ground also known as SGND on the pinouts. This is different from GND (also known as power ground or PGND) where AGND is the ground for control signals and anything else that is not for high current pins such as the VIN pin. You may follow the PCB Layout guidelines on page 39 for assistance on how to connect the GND layers.

For parallel mode, you are welcome to connect the SW1 and SW2 pins together or leave them untied. We suggest floating them in parallel mode to avoid the wrong SMT. I have notified our team to help clarify and update the datasheet of the missing information. Thank you for pointing this out!