MPM3860 Efficiency @ 3.3 Vout

could you please provide an efficiency chart for the MPM3860 at 5 Vin and 3.3 Vout? It is missing form the datasheet but essential for our design. Thanks in advance.
Best, Jakob

If its so important, buy one and test it. It is unlikely they have performed this test as the device seems to be focused on 0.8V - 1.8V supplies.
But you can probably assume its north of 90%, probably > 93% and cooling will be a factor in the design. (efficiencies get better as output voltage increases)


At a first guess you can estimate the losses from the efficiency at whatever Vout then apply those same losses to the circuit at the hihger output voltage and get the new effiecieny

So a 90% 1.5V converter has say .15W of loss take that .15W of loss at 3V and presto now you have a 95% efficient 3V converter. Losses remain relatively constant with output current but output power rises with Vout.

Best way to know is measure it. Also once you have a demo board you can try out other inductors

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Hello @jzi ,

To request an efficiency chart that is not listed in the DS, kindly fill out a request for MPSnow technical support:
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