MPM3830 0.6V output

Hi, can you suggest, R1 and R2 value if I need output 0.6V in the desgin? Thanks

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I do not believe the 0.6V output can be supported with this device, it is quite low. Can you please provide me your input/output requirements so we can provide you with an alternate recommendation.

Note - the feedback network to set the output voltage uses the following equation for future reference.


Hi, thanks for reply
the datasheet writes, adjustable output from 0.6V
I suppose direct feedback from Vout without R2 should support 0.6V
Can you tell the minimum output it could support, if its not this case?

Hi Izha,
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For an output of ~0.62V or 0.63V, you can try using the following feedback network.
R1 = 50k
R2 = 1M

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