MPM3805 behavior at low temperatures

What is the behavior of the IC at temperatures of a few degrees below -40°C?

  1. Are all functions of the IC switched on as soon as the supply voltage is applied?
  2. Do it consumes power? Or is the power consumption reduced by how much?
  3. Is the function of the ICs limited by which parameters?
  4. I assume that the IC will not be destroyed when the supply voltage is applied and that it will not be switched off below -40°C, right?
    5.Can the output voltage be much higher or much lower than specified from -40°C?

You building a submersible? The abs maxes mean more or less the ab maxes. Operation beyond that is not guaranteed. If you need a mil temperature range buy one. That out of the way, the abs max is determined by looking at the performance of a large number of chips over hopefully several fab runs and then guard banding the spec so that something like less than 1 in 10k would be expected to fail at the determined abs max. So odds are good the silicon will “work” maybe the voltage will no longer be ± 2% but honestly does it really need to be? With cold there may also be package considerations in the mix. Really what you have to ask yours self is “Do you feel lucky”? When it goes wrong you will be on your own.