MPM3695-100 do not start

Hello, I created design with MPM3695-100 to power FPGA.
Now i implement my board with schematic shown below and DC doesnt starts.

For first time i want test my design and dont connect them to FPGA. For testing R115 is placing, but R116/J1/J2/J3 DNP. When i power it up with +12V, at output i see 0.3V.
I find issue that i connect TP to each other, because reading I2C saw me some bad output data like I=5A for my unconnected output.

So i unsoldered IC, cut path, reball and resoldered my IC. Now i see 0.030 V in output. When i connect resistor load, output voltage being 0V.
I2C read and write correctly when i disconnect TP.
So i have 2 qestions:

  1. Is my scheme correct and able to work?
  2. Can i corrupt this IC with connecting TP to all together? Not to GND or VCC. Will resoldering new IC help?

I checked all regs and values of elements. When i start powering my board with 12V, PG becomes high, ALT is is normal, STATUS_WORD reg say all work normally. Vout from regs is 0V, but 0V is lower then 0.6V minimal output value of MPM3695 and i want to see “output under voltage” error. I think IC is working not by datasheet and is bad, but so are working at least 4 IC which i tested.
Please help me! I want to use your products in my projects.

P.S. Initial values are Vin=+12V
CTRL input we control over ATtiny by 3 state(Z) or 0.
FB resistors R107=RC0603FR-071KL