MPM3695-10 Remote sense and feedback Divider


We plan to use the MPM3695-10 to generate a voltage in a range of 0.9 to 1.8V. In addition, we also plan to use the remote sensing feature to the compensate voltage drops of a PCB.
As far as I understand the data sheet correctly the VOSNS+ and VOSNS- supports a remote sensing feature with external feedback Divider (VOUT@LOAD -> RTOP || CFF -> VOSNS+ -> RBOTTOM -> GND @ LOAD). In this case we can change the output voltage by tuning the VREF (0.5 to 0672V). But than we do not achieve the entire voltage range, except we do some “dirty software tricks” with VOUT_SCALE_LOOP.
With the internal divider it seems to be possible to have a larger VOUT-range to adjust.
The usage of the external divider is documented in the datasheet, but I did not find information on how to use the internal divider, except that there are such dividers. I assume, that the internal dividers are connected to the VOUT directly within the MPM module and the remote sense feature is not available? Or are the internal feedback dividers connected to VOSNS+ and we just need to connect VOSNS+ directly to VOU@LOAD?


Hello Denis,

There is no internal resistor divider. You will still need the external resistor divider.

The internal adjustment is tuning the Vref from 0.5V to 0.672V. You will need to set VOUT_SCALE_LOOP to the Gfb value calculated from equations below:

Vinh Tran

Hi Vhin,

thanks for your reply.
In this case the internal divider should be removed in the Datasheet or mentioned with a footnote to avoid some misunderstandings. It is mentioned in the register description for MFR_CTRL_COMP and VOUT_SCALE_LOOP (DS Rev 1.0 page 37 and 45). It is also possible to select it in Virtual Bench Pro for this device.