MPM3690-30A pin indexing does not match JEDEC MO-275A

the MPM3690-30A datasheet calls out JEDEC MO-275A, however the letter indexing on the “package reference” page 3 and the package information on page 24, is inverted from the JEDEC MO-275A standard. Is the datasheet pin indexing correct, or is JEDEC MO-275A letter pin indexing correct?

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The letter indexing of pins in device datasheet are similar to the standard of MO-275. I can see how page 3 can be confusing at first glance. Page 3 is marked as “Top View” ,

Page 24 indicates “Bottom View”, and its pin indexing is correct, recommend referencing to page 24 of datasheet to avoid mix-ups.

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I agree with liam.g.herlihy. The data sheet does NOT match JEDEC MO-275A. As is pointed out, page 3 and page 24 of the data sheet show different views and their pin indexing matches, luckily. However, they do not match the pin indexing of JEDEC MO-275A that is referenced by the data sheet. Discrepancies such as this are very concerning and can waste countless time and money if it is an indication of an issue. So please advise which pin indexing we should follow, the data sheet or JEDEC MO-275A.