MPM3683-7 Recovery Time After Transient

Hello there,

I was wondering if you could let me know the time it takes for the MPM3683-7 to regulate after a transient? I’m looking on the load transient response on page 12 on the datasheet but the scale is too large to get a good estimate.


Side question. I’d like to connect a potentiometer to Vout, and its wiper to Vo_Sense+ to set the voltage. Would that be OK? What potentiometer range would you recommend?

Hi Alex,
The data sheet plots show about 10usec response time to 1A/usec transient, 5A to 10A load change. You didn’t specify what conditions for a transient so that would be a reference point.

For the potentiometer on Vo+, that is OK, the sense line does need to go to the load + side for best results.