MPM3683-7: About electrolytic capacitor replacement on Vin

Hi, MPS Team.
I want to use MPM3683-7 on ‘12Vin 1.2V/7A output DCDC’.
However, I just wonder if I’m able to use several ceramic capacitors rather than using one electrolytic capacitor(Aluminum cap).
And if it possible, how many ceramic capacitors need to replacing one 180uF Aluminum cap?

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The input electrolytic capacitor is used for suppressing the noise caused due to parasitics . I would suggest, if you are measuring results on the EVB then keep the electrolytic capacitor instead of ceramic capacitor. But, if you are using on the system board and the input trace is short then you can use ceramic capacitors corresponding to the electrolytic capacitor value…

You can use 18 10uF ceramic caps for 180uF electrolytic capacitor.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.


Yash Shah

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Ceramic caps can ring to 2X Vin on a hot plug. Electrolytics which have series ESR don’t exhibit that rather disappointing behavior.