MPM3683-10 -- Is it support parallel operaion

Hi MPS Team,

As per below link MPM3683-10 is replacement for Enpirion EN5396QI part. Please let me know whether it can support parallel operation ( x4) to handle max 36A same as EN5396QI part. If it support then kindly share parallel operation circuit connection details. This is information is more helpful us.


The MPM3683-10 part cannot be paralleled. The part which is capable of 36A is MPM3690-30B. It can be used as a single 36A output or a dual 18A.
Also, if your application needs parallel operation (x4), then there is a part MPM82504. In this part, each rail can go upto 25A.
2) MPM82504:

Let us know if this works for you.

Yash Shah

Hi Yash Shah,

Thanks for clarification about Parallel operation. I have quick question. Once of application we plan to use this MPM3683-10 part with 2.5V input supply. We seen that its input range from 2.7v to 16V only. Please let me know whether it can support 2.5V input range.


Hello saravanan.kamatchi,

Please follow the ranges listed. Operating outside of the stated ranges will have unexpected/undesirable outputs.

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Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer