MPM3650C operation at 3.3V Vout

Hi, I was looking to use the MPM3650C power module for an application that requires and output of 3.3V at ~3.5A (with 12V input). I notice that the datasheet specifies 3.3V as being the maximum recommended output voltage, but it does not give any component choice recommendations or application examples for output voltages above 2.5V.
The MPM3650 (non-C) does give values for 3.3V - is it OK to use the MPM3650C at 3.3V using these resistor values (20k R1, 4.42k R2), or is there a reason why there is no 3.3V example for this part?


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The difference between the two modules is the MPM3650C utilizes forced continuous conduction mode (FCCM), as indicated by the C at the end. Those resistor values should be fine to use.

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