MPM3632S multi-points remote sense

We want to use MPM3632SGPQ mounted on a power supply board powering a load on another board. Normally, we will connect the sense pin to the load but I’m worry what would happen if the sense is disconnected? Probably the output voltage will rise.
So here are my questions: why R4 is selected to be 1k? What is the impedance of OUT_S pin? May I use two resistor network to sense output voltage on both boards - my goal is to keep the output voltage in an acceptable range even if the load board is disconnected.

Thank you


The OUT_S is not for remote sense. This is a 3A part and remote sense typically is to compensate the IR drop on high current lines. I recommend keeping the 1k connected similar to the application circuit.
MPM3695-10 does have remote sense if you really need this.

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