MPM3632C efficiency


Would you please advise about MPM3632C light load efficiency?

Q1 Improve the light load efficiency
This is CCM mode power module ( inductor inside) ,so, it should be difficult,
but can you provide me how to improve light-load efficiency ?

Q2 Efficiency vs Load current graph
Can you provide me semi-log-scale graph like as MPM3610 data sheet?
It is hard to read the value from MPM3632C datasheet…
( In addition, SIMPLIS simulation was not matched to data sheet…)

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Hi Kanji,

Q1: Like you mentioned, since this is already a CCM mode part, it trades off with light load efficiency for a more low output voltage ripple at higher currents. Do you want to have a very low output ripple or much better light load efficiency?

Q2: What are the electrical conditions you are looking for the efficiency graphs? Vin/Vout/Iout?

Dear Cecilia-san

Thank you for your comment quickly!!

Thank you for your comment.
I need light load efficiency but also need CCM 3MHz with small size ( so chosen MPM3632C)
to avoid AM noise for my application .

*VOUT=5V 0.3A typ. ==> current will decrease to under 100mA case by case .

But I’ve understood to have light-load efficiency at CCM mode, and also power module,…
so please discard Q1.

I was sorry that I did not show my condition.

I want to get the efficiency- current graph for VIN=12V, Vout=5V,
Iout=10mA~ 5000 mA range with semi-log scale like as MPM3610 d/s page 5.

If I had it, it is very helpful .

Thank you and with my best regards.

Deat Cecilia san

I was sorry that I have TYPO.
I need Iout=10mA~500mA ( not 5,000mA) VIN=12V/Vout=5V.
I was sorry again
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Hi Kanji,

It looks like they only have that plot in the datasheet. Looking from it, the efficiency estimation for:

0.1A is ~70%
0.2A is ~78%
0.3A is ~83%
0.4A is ~85%
0.5A is ~87%

We do not have test results for lower than 100mA, but you may also get a board to test for yourself too.

Dear Cecilia san
Thank you for your answer.