MPM3630 high output voltage performance

I would like to use the MPM3630 in two places to generate 10V @ 0.75A and 8V @0.2A.

The datasheet cautions on going above 5.5V, can anyone please confirm if my requirements are within the design limits?

Hi Craig,

What is your input voltage range? If it is 12Vin, then you should take note that the maximum output voltage will be 10.8Vout because the max duty cycle is 90% (Vout = Vin*Dmax). You will need to follow the PCB guidelines and also add more thermal vias to dissipate the heat for those two outputs that you have.

You may try out the MPSmart simulation to see the response of a load transient using the MPM3630’s simulation file found on the website here:
There is also an evaluation board available for testing out your conditions if you have the means to do so.