MPM3570E (and other parts with a hole in the metal can) Moisture Issue


We are using the MPM3570E on our boards, and we noticed that some units did not generate proper output voltage. Upon further inspection, after removing the metal can from one unit, we discovered moisture inside. After drying the part, the faulty units started operating normally. The moisture was most likely the washing liquid left over after assembly.

Do you have any instruction for the part assembly and drying in order to mitigate this? It might be better if you could tape the hole after packaging. Drying the part after assembly might remove the water, but some corrosive material can still stay trapped inside and cause additional issues down the road if the part is operating in humid environment.

Best regards,

Hi Milos,

The hole is in the case for thermal expansion relief seen during relow process. The MPM3570E needs to be baked to remove the moisture during a board wash.

Please read the Moisture Sensitivity Technical Note for more information.

Vinh Tran