MPM3550E Low Load Ripple

One question regarding MPM3550E low load ripple.
We have design with MPM3550E where we apply 20V to the input and output set to 12V . With load below 1A there is huge ripple around 500mV .
is there any way to reduce that to minimum .
our design is basically based on EVM3550E-GLE-00A demo board and typical application from datasheet with 10uF on input and 22uF on output .

is there any way to force the module to do not enter low load/no-load mode ?


Hi @grzegorz.dudzik

  1. Use X5R or X7R ceramic capacitors.
  2. Place ceramic input and output capacitors close to the module pins to minimize high frequency noise.
  3. Place RFB as close to FB as possible. Feedback is the most sensitive so avoid have noisy components near it.

You can also refer to the layout guidelines at the end of DS which is optimized for performance.

Thank you