MP9486A not giving 200mA to 300mA


I am using MP9486A.

I have used same reference circuit. The problem is MP9486A not providing 200mA to 300mA current. The output voltage drop to 3V. I am using 5V configuration.

Please suggest me the solution for this. I have read in the forum that this IC is not much reliable.

Hello @alihussenvohra ,

At MPS, most if not all of our parts have an evaluation board. Kindly follow the schematic on the EVB for the MP9486A, as that is proven to work for Vin: 8-95V and Vout 5V @ 1A.
Also, please clarify “not providing 200mA-300mA”. The voltage regulator can only provide the current the load pulls from it, up until its max current spec; 3.5A for the MP9486A
Hope this helps!