MP9486 EN pin voltage


In the DS of MP9486 is said: EN voltage maximum is 6V
In the EVK of MP9486 according to the schematic can reach >20V.
So what are the real limit of EN/DIM input?
What maximum current is allowed to EN/DIM pins?


I don’t know why it is just too much trouble for them to explain that there is an internal zener, give the approximate zener voltage and max current. The minimum current needed to pull it up is 2uA . What will destroy the zener? 10mA ( 60mW ) ? The demo schematic puts in about 270uA or current. You would think that has been thoroughly checked by careful thoughtful engineers, but probably not.

Hi v.serpetausks,

Please refer to the “Absolute Maximum Ratings” and “Recommended Operating Conditions” parameters on page 3 of the M9486 datasheet. If you operate outside of these conditions we cannot guarantee the part to function correctly.