MP8795H with external bias

A few questions I have:

  1. When using external 3.3V bias, do I just connect VCC directly to 3.3V?

  2. When VIN fluctuates from 3V to 6V, what is behavior of the internal VCC LDO when VCC is externally biased? Is it safe to do so?

  3. Is there power sequencing requirement between external 3.3V on VCC and VIN? In other words is it safe to have one supplied but the other is off?

  4. Copied from datasheet:
    “MP8795H is stable in the entire operating input and output voltage ranges with a proper design of the output L/C filter.”
    Question: do you have tool for L/C selection? do you have tool to calculate phase margin and cutoff frequency?

Thanks… Yang

Any comments MPS support staff?