I am looking for 100% duty operation where Vin=5 ~20V and Vout=5V/2A.
I found MP8715 seems good for this. I don’t have EVM yet.

I had checked 5Vin/5Vout 2A with DCDC designer, and 100% operation 5Vin/5Vout
seems no problem . please see attached
Do you agree this?

Also I have a question. I saw waveform by DCDC designer and Toff min seems around 36ns.
Would you please let me know the difference of the description " 100% duty cycle" and minimum
toff time?

Anyway, I will check by EVM also.
Thank you and with my best regards

Hi kanji_shibatani,

Thank you for contacting the MPS forum. I had to look into this, but the 100% duty cycle operation of the device means we should see ~5V output in the presence of a 5V input. I believe the minimum off time you see in the switching waveform may be due to limitations of the software itself. A minimum off time is not listed in the datasheet, so I recommend testing this performance out on our evaluation board. It sounds like this was your plan already, did you find the testing successful?


Dear Brendan,

Thank you for your answer.
I will buy MP8715 evm.
Thank you again.