MP8008 POE feedback circuit


I am working with the MP8008.
I have copied the reference design with only a slight modification to the inductor and feedback network with the intent to increase the output voltage.
I am using the 750314782 from wuerth. The converter should run at (aproximately)
(Power, Duty, Ip, Fs) = (24, 0.5339805825242719, 1.8727272727272726, 369905.20542221935)

The problem I am seeing is that the ouput is well regulated but way too low.
I seem to have messed up the calculation of the feedback network.
Can you provide example calculations for just the feedback network?

Best Regards

Hi Max, welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the delay in getting to your question. Can you please send me a schematic of your application?

What voltage is the desired set point, and what are you measuring?