MP7741 Amplifier

Hi, I was looking for a Audio amplifier that can produce 3-10 [W] output.
also I need that the amplifier will have 12V input (This is my power supply and i dont wish to put a downconvertor).
I was wondering about MP7741.
I was looking at the datasheet and he seems perfect for me with 1 drawback that i wish to check.
In this scheme :

I wish to keep my PCB as minimal as possible, and since i only use 3[W] output, i was thinking, maybe i can change the electrolytic capactior to a ceramic one ?
if i can, what value of capacitor can i put instead of 1000uF? (digikey ceramic capacitor are maximum 600uF).
same questions about the inducter. I would like to change the Lf. Again, to minimize the pcb size. also, since I am only using 3W output, i dont think i need that kind of inductors and capacitors.
I would like to hear your tought about what i said, and if you have any idea on what replacment i could put.
thank you very much,

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum.

We generally recommend following our typical application circuit for the values of the components, as these values have been tested out by our engineers and have been designed for the best performance of the device.

Since you would like to change these due to lower power requirements, we recommend following the design guidelines given in page 10 and 11 of MP7741 datasheet. We also recommend testing with the new values on our evaluation board EV7741DQ-00A to verify the performance.

That DC blocking cap and the 8 ohm speaker resistance set a low frequency rolloff. 1000uf and 8 ohms is 21 Hz. If you use a smaller value cap the rolloff will begin at a higher frequency. So that is one issue. What sound are you trying to reproduce? If it is human voice there is nothing at 20HZ so that shouldn’t be a problem.