MP7720 split supply?

Can I use a split power supply with an MP7720? I plan on tying Pin to ground, Vdd to +12 and Pgnd to -12.
I am designing an AC-DC current calibrator and I would like to use a class D amplifier as the output stage to reduce current consumption. Also, I would like to have higher voltage rails than ± 12. Is this possible? Do you have another single-ended class D amplifier that will allow higher voltage?
Thanks for any guidance on this.

Hi Rick,
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Since PGND and AGND are shared, I do not think that is feasible. Also as per the datasheet, the max ratings for the PGND and AGND pins are within .3V. Therefore, the pins do not support higher voltages.


I recommend the single supply method. Another part suggestion with higher VDD voltage range is listed below:
MP7747 | 20W Class-D Mono Single Ended Audio Amplifier | MPS (

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