MP6570 failed to driver a motor


We have a new motor drive project using MP6570+MP6541. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the mortor rotating in simple speed mode. Debug with eMotion virtual bench, the motor is always rotating few seconds, then stop. The circuitry is quite simple. The following is schematics:

One question is about gain set. It’s current sensing signal. Rpull is for gain. Now it’s 1K, is it too small for this motor? In motor datasheet, the nominal current is 2.05A, how do we set the Rpull.


The motor is 12 slot/ 14 poles

Hello Peter,

It’s not easy to understand the issue from your description. Did you notice if any fault flag is raised (MP6710 register 0x53)?

Regarding Rpull: you can find more details at MP6541 DS page 13 and MP6570 DS page. The value is found by constraining V_ISA < 1.6V for the maximum phase current (see eq. 20 of MP6570 DS).

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Motor has been working after some parameters tunning. So you can close this thread now. We may have other issues in future use.