MP6543H-A Motor Driver

  1. For giving Input to LS and HS to driver IC we can use any GPIO Pin of the MCU?
  2. Three pins of the driving IC (SOA,SOB,SOC) are output pins for current sensing so these 3 pin needs ADC pin of the MCU?

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Answer to #1 :
Per the datasheet, the MP6543H-A has a input logic truth table. Table 2 that indicates how to operate the LS and HS FETS. You can use any of the GPIO pins to toggle the HSx and LSx.

GPIO pin voltage range are typically around 0 - 3.3V. The thresholds for this part’s control logic are 0.4V for low and 1.5V for high.

Answer to #2 :
Correct, the current sense pins are outputs to ADC.