MP6540H true bidirectional current sense?

I saw one of your videos said that the MP6540 family had a bidirectional current sense. But from Figure 1 in the data sheet of the MP6540H it appears to only measure the the Low side FET. Is there another version of this chip that Monitors the High side as well? This chip is awesome and tiny. True Bidirectional Current sense would make it even cooler. In my application, I have a configuration when I’m using an MP6540 like chip to drive an external solenoid that is connected via a separate ground path. I was going to have a separate bidirectional current sense resistor, but if their is a flavor of the 6540 or similar chip which has true bidirectional current sense that would be very useful for cutting my parts count. When we settle on a chip we will buy about 500 of them in 2023. Thanks in advance for your advice.