MP6540H fault conditions

Hello! I am using the MP6540H driver in one of my products (24V DC bus) but I noticed that the nFault goes low much too often. I run the motor at low speed for a few seconds, the temperature is very low, the PWM duty cycle is always below 20%, the current monitored at the SOx pins never goes above 0.45A and yet the nFault is triggered very often. What are other possible error conditions?
I have a HW filter on the SOx outputs, so maybe the instantaneous current might be a bit higher. If that’s the issue, although unlikely given the very slow motion profile, is there a way to filter possible very short current peaks from triggering the error?

Hello ffrige,

Could you let us know more about how you are operating the device? What are you inputs and outputs? Is the issue replicable each time? Is your power supply sufficient? Is the current limit too low?

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Did you find the solution?

No, I changed the design to a different driver and discrete switches.