MP6539 as BLDC FOC gate driver

Hi, all

I am discussing to use MP6539BGF-Z as gate driver for servo(FOC) control BLDC in-wheel motor.
with STM32F407VE as main MCU and IMC101T-F064 as logic controller.

I want to make PCB that controls motor for constant speed with high torque also zero speed with holding torque.

So my question is :

  1. should my idea works?
  2. as manual, CSO(current sense output) goes ~6V when over current detected. It could damage STM32(3.3V system)? -> should I step down CSO?
  3. any other products or solutions for my desire?


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Thank you for contacting the MPS Forum. I have seen your question and will try to get an answer as soon as possible.

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Vinh Tran
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Hi robot,

  1. Yes, your listed P/N’s should work with the MP6539
  2. If you are just wanting to detect an OCP event, you can use the nFault pin as described on Pg. 11. Please continue to reference sections Current-Sense Amplifier and Over-Current Protection (OCP) / Current Regulation on Pg. 11 and 12 of the datasheet for details on CSO’s voltage during normal operation and fault events.
  3. You can reference our complete BLDC and Position Sensor product lines on the website