MP6534 has no signal output

I designed a FOC motor driver, using MP6534 as a pre-driver to drive 6 pcs of 4c022 NMOS. ENx and PWMx signals are good, nSLEEP is also pulled high, VIN uses 13v power supply. But at this time MP6534 does not have any signal output (eg GHA, GLA, GHB, etc.). I have observed that a voltage of around 9v is generated on VREG for tens ms, then slowly drops, within a second to within 500mV, and finally to 0v. According to the documentation, should VREG be kept around 11.5V. Is there a problem I haven’t noticed. I am willing to provide more information.

Hello 854214642,

Could you share your schematic? What are your input conditions? Output conditions?

Vinh Tran