MP6532 on EV6532 - problems with driving motor

We are trying to drive motor Actuator AEM814150-03 BLDC motor with hall sensors. However the behavior is strange.

When sensors and phases are connected as needed (H1, H2, H3 and phases U, V, W) at its right places there is no rotation produced, Instead sound from PWM signal can be heard.
Then we tried to change hall sensors positions (we thought - may be we misplaced them). We tried the same with phases too. We tried many combinations and found two combinations with phases and sensors connections which produced rotation however depending on the initial position of the motor rotor.

We cannot figure out why this happens. Is it possible the motor to be non-standard?

Sometimes in the past, I was able to drive the same motor with TI DRV8305, however I used software to “rotate” phases. The hall sensor signals were driven to the microcontroller, then the software calculated the command words to DRV8305 and then DRV8305 produced signals to MOSFETs.

Please, can you comment this situation? Any help would be welcome.


Hi Ivan,

Please follow the quick start guide below.

If you are still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket to MPS NOW Remote Support - Support.

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