MP6530GR OCREF Current Limit Setting Problems

Hello. There is a problem with MP6530GR OCREF current limit.
The PMSM motor is being controlled, the motor move is complete but the OCREF function has been activated. it is fault…
Fault occurs under no load in OCREF voltage 2.4V maximum setting.

Test Environment

  • OCREF 2.4V (maximum)
  • LSS – GND (not used)
  • Dead time 700nS
  • Gate Driver Resistor 10R
  • FET Rds: 3mR

Is there a solution? There is no significant change in SHA, SHB, or SHC waveforms at fault, but there is one SHC signal after the fault. There is no other singularity.

Could it be a problem with PCB pattern or control signal? Please check it urgently!!

Thank you

Ensure that the gate driver resistor value of 10Ω is suitable for your application. Incorrect resistor values can affect the switching characteristics of the MOSFETs. Check the operating temperature of the motor driver. Overheating can lead to false triggering of protection mechanisms. Ensure that the driver is adequately cooled. Check the values of external components connected to the MP6530GR, such as resistors and capacitors. Make sure they are within the recommended specifications. Ensure that the firmware or configuration settings are appropriate for your application. Check if there are any updates or modifications required.

  1. I changed the gate driver resistance (100R, 120R) and tested it already, but there is no big difference.
    Will the test be needed with greater resistance?
  2. The motor driver temperature was measured by the sensor and is within 40 degrees.
  3. Reference Board Same Circuit Configuration (Apply ADC for Difference FOC Control - Additional Questions Below)
  4. All drive programs are checked for operation | CP works when used at maximum, but is very sensitive
    Case 1) Operation at low speed, failure above 3000 rpm
    Case 2) Slow operation, fault when a small load is applied

The function works when you activate the CP, but it is a problem that works very sensitively.
Motor operation is perfect when CP inactive. Additional question.

-. Q1 Delta ADC has been applied to the high side part for FOC control. Will it be a problem?
-. Question Q2 Possible problems due to motor resistance value, inductor value?
The motor resistance value currently in use is 0.113R inductance 0.5824 mH
-. Q3 Is there a possibility of error due to PCB pattern resistance?
-. Q4 Is it possible to explain the logic of measuring CP?