MP6528GR-P OCREF function

We have used MP6528GR-P IC in one of our designs. We have used the OCREF function by connecting a 1k pot to vary the voltage at OCREF pin no.26. What are the calculations to find the trip current point? What will be the expected voltages at the OCREF pin to set trip points at 8A and 12A?
How we can validate if tripping has occurred?

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Since the OCREF pin feeds into a short circuit comparator, you can validate if a tripping has occurred by comparing the voltage across any of the FETs in the H-bridge and the OCREF pin voltage. If the drop across the FETs are larger, then the part is short circuited.

I will get back to you regarding the tripping point calculation, and if it can be adjusted for specific currents.

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Hi Nitesh,
Following up, unfortunately, I can not provide you with a calculation.

You can choose the Rsense to adjust for current limit. Rsense is between LSS and GND pin.

Another guidance would be to increase your OCREF pin voltage to higher value, for instance 1.5V or 2V, and ensure the voltage across any of the FETs do not exceed the OCREF pin voltage once you reach your specified current range.