MP6519 PWM Speed Control

Hello, will the output of the MP6519 change its duty cycle in accordance with the duty cycle I give it at the input ? I am trying to control the speed of my motors by changing the input duty cycle (10%-90%) and the speed of my motor is not changing.
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Hello mbahnsen93,
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Yes, the input PWM signal is reflected to the output PWM.

The signal goes through a filter block in the IC which is used by the Error Amplifier (EA). The EA output signal is fed into a comparator and this comparator feeds the signal to the PWM control circuitry that drives the MOSFET gates. (Please refer to the diagram below for referecne)

Can you please confirm if you are getting a sufficient voltage across the bootstrap pins BSTP and BSTN? This bootstrap voltage will help identify if your HS FETS in the H-bridge are being toggled and if you are able to get the higher duty cycle on the output end.

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