MP6519 LTspice model

Seems like LTspice is a popular tool. I would love to be able to simulate your MP6519 device. I am using it in an open source ventilator design to drive speakers for the alarm requirements. This part is perfect allowing the signal input to be in the form of a PWM drive and allowing the speaker current to be measured to detect failed outputs. But it is not intended to drive loud speakers and I would like to simulate this before committing it to the board design. Any chance of an LTspice model in a couple of weeks?

There isn’t currently an MP6519 LTSpice model. There is however a Simplis model for the MPQ6519, the automotive AECQ version, which can be sent to you separately if you wish. It will work with the MPSmart design tool. It’s very unlikely that there will be an LTSpice version, it is spice-based so requires a new development. Let me know if you’re interested in the Simplis version.

It’s a shame everyone has their own simulation product. How do I import the models for other components into your tool?

I guess I’ll give it a try. Please send me the model file.

For power devices Simplis is much faster and handles multiple devices well in most cases, LTSpice can be good for general analog but is slower in general. Send me a message to and I will forward the model.