MP6519 compensation loop component values

I’m planning to use an MP6519 to drive a 12 VDC brushed motor for a hobby robot, but I’m unsure what to use for the compensation loop component values. If I am not terribly concerned about closed loop stability or transient response for this application, can I simply omit these components and leave COMP unconnected? If not, are there recommended values that I could use for this type of application?

Nothing seems like a bad choice, if nothing worked why wouldn’t they simply advertise “no compensation needed” and dominate the market. I would go with 100nF as the default that will probably stabilize the loop value. Just some guy on the internet. What does their demo board use? What does the data sheet show? Alternative sources of a better first guess.

I found the schematic for the MP6519 evaluation board. Unless I get a better answer here, I’m just going to use the values from the evaluation board.