MP6002 not working


I am using this MP6002 as a flyback converter and this transformer to step the voltage down for me. But when I probe the output pin of my transformer (PA3965.002NL), I can not get any reading. I probe RT on the board. There is no oscillation and I am using a 20k resistor.

Input voltage is 100V.

I need your help here.


Hello! Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum!

What is the output voltage and current for your requirement?

Is 100V the maximum input voltage?

The output voltage is 20V and the output current is 1A. The maximum voltage is 400V and the minimum voltage is 100V.

I can see it would be hard to achieve this with the device, so I am suggesting using this IC instead of MP023 but the issue. What transformer do I need to step the voltage to the required voltage I need?


MP6002 is rated for only 100V input, the input pin can withstand a max voltage of 120V, but anything above that would damage the part. We recommend using this device for a max input voltage of 100V.

If the pin had received a voltage higher than 120V, that could have damaged the part and could be a reason why you do not see any switching.