MP5515 TEMP sensor application

Hi MPS expert,
MP5515 datasheet describes: it has internale Temperature Sensor ADC Conversion. ans also has a pin named TEMP : Temperature sensor input from thermistor to ADC.
But I still have some confusion how to HW design to use the TEMP ADC?
We would like to use it to sense PCB temperture, how to connect for the TEMP pin?

Please help comment it.

Hello, Allen
For MP5515 Temp PIN, it is a temperature sensor input from thermistor to ADC.
You can select a temperature sensitive resistor within-XX~ XX℃ to be connected with resistors in series, and put a power not higher than 1.28V to TEMP pin, then you can get a voltage who has relationship with temperature on TEMP PIN. A 0.01uF ceramic cap is recommended to connect in parallel with temperature sensitive resistor.

Thanks Daniel.
Another question about force IC into buck mode:
We changed reg0x20 bit0=0 to force IC into buck mode, the MP5515 can run into buck mode succsffully.
But , after IC recovered we found we can’t read any MP5515 registers , but can read other devices of this I2C bus.
Do you have any comment about this problem?

The MP5515 7-bit device address is defined as 33h (011 0011).
Please make sure the MP5515 VCC is normal and I2C re-shake hands successfully firstly, then update to find the 33H slave address.