MP5515 OVP and Implications on start-up, Clarification required

In MP5515 datasheet in Pg. 14, Pin 4 - “OVP” --> “The MP5515 is forced into buck mode and recovers when the OVP voltage drops to 0.765V and VB triggers VB_UVLO with a new TPOR time as the first power-on in default. Connect OVP to AGND if the OVP function is not needed.”

Is this means Once OVP occurs, After some time OVP event recovered so, that OVP voltage < 0.765V, Still MP5515 will be in Buck Mode only until Vb < Vb_UVLO and then It will start a new TPOR time, DVDT then Boost enabled then Precharge and final Boosting of Storage capacitor.

Based on this I want to set a Close OVP threshold on Vin or Higher OVP threshold so, that Only worst case this will trigger a OVP.

Hello mallikarjuna.koppana,

Your understanding of OVP is correct. Please choose the OVP threshold that works best for applications. As you already understand, a higher OVP voltage will trigger less than a lower OVP voltage.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Thanks. I am clear. :+1: