MP5418 Input Current (No Load)

We’ve design in the MP5418. Curcuit is similar like the Eval-Board: EV5418-G-00B.
Now we measured the input current: it’s about 20mA at no Load at the output.
Is that normal? (we’ve expected 1mA or below)
Best Regards Pat

Hello Pat,

That should not be the case. The expected quiescent current of this device is ~300uA.


Can you confirm that the device is in a no load state or if any other devices are not drawing any unexpected power?

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Hello Vinh,

We used following circuit:

Yes, there is no Load… (Measured -5V to GND: 40kOhm)
Probably its because of the CTL is the same as IN?

Thank you!

Hello Vinh,

are there any news?

Best regards, Pat