MP5416 I2C register setup

Hi Sir,
I’m Hung Lin. I used MP5416, which OTP module is 0000. But I tried to use I2C read command #6 (default E0), and changed register that buck1 didn’t change voltage. Even I turn off Buck1 (write 70), it still had 1.25v, turn it on that had 1.35v. what can I do?

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Hi @hunglin.hsu,

Generally for OTP parts, the one write is taken up by the default that is “-0000”. Configuration settings can be changed multiple times, but power cycling will revert the settings back to default. For the registers that are OTP-configurable, you can apply for a 4 digit suffix code that is specific to your application. This will use the one write to your configuration settings. For more information, please contact MPS NOW Remote Support - Support.

Thank you