MP5403 Power Failure Indicator

In our design we would not use the Power Failure Indicator of the MP5403. What we have to do with the Pins PFL, PFL_ADJ and C_DELAY. Could these pins be left open?

Furthermore, we didn’t need the PG1, PG2 and PG3. Could these pins also be left open or is an external pull-up necessary?

Many thanks.

Hi ludger.jansen,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I will confirm if these pins can be left open or if they require external connections. Are you using all 3 outputs of this device or less?

Hi ludger.jansen,

The only pin that needs a bias is the PFL_ADJ pin which is a high impedance input. This pin should be grounded, or better, a resistor to ground of 10k or so. The rest of the pins are fine to be left floating.

Hi Bryan,
thanks for the answer. In our design we use both DCDC and the loadswitch.
At pin PFL_ADJ we will place a 10k to ground as you recommended.