MP5073 Load Switch - Connection Help / Alternative Component

Hi, I’m putting down a quick draft to show you my application:

Just pretend to see all the other parts which are not strictly relevant here (SS, ILIM, etc)

My questions are just 2:

  • Does the slow start begin from 3V or from GND?
  • If I disable the switch, the output discharge function would make it conduct current from the 3V reference to GND through the Vout pin. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

I know these are though questions so I am more than happy to also receive indications for a substitute.
The features it has to have are (critical with !!):

  • Power good pin
  • !! External Slow Start
  • Programmable current limit (if possible)

I initially chose the MP5073 because my application had low Vin requirements (< 1V), but now that I shift everything up by 3V, it’s fine to not have separate Vin and Vcc

I would be really happy with a really close relative to the MP5073, but without any output discharge (if there is no way to counter the feature on the MP5073 that is)

Any ideas? Thanks a lot

Hello Freex,
You will need to provide a more detailed and accurate schematic. As shown, the input is essentially tied to the output so the switch provides no real circuit function, unless there is a load not indicated. Otherwise, yes the output will discharge to ground, this is for output capacitance discharge. If that is a problem then another device would be needed without that function. The other questions can be addressed with a more complete schematic. If you wish to see other products with different features, see the selection guide for load switches,

I managed to solve it myself, by changing the rest of the circuit completely so I can still use the MP5073 without problems.
I am pretty sure that is more than enough for the questions I asked. I think you misunderstood the schematic. The 3V are the load ground (that 10 ohm resistor), the MP5073 switches the positive side that is generated by the DC to DC converter (which outputs 4.5V for my application, so 4.5 - 3 = 1.5V to the load). MPS has a pretty scarce collection of load switches (I had a look multiple times through the list) which is something I didn’t expect considering their whole company revolves around power management.
Thanks for the response, I will close the thread since I no longer need a solution.